My 2 week relationship with Windows 8

A few weeks ago, my wife’s Macbook Pro died. Since she uses her computer for graphic design and creating websites, etc. I decided to give her my Macbook Pro (some separation anxiety). I put her hard drive in my MBP and she was happily on her way. I contemplated buying a new MB Air, but wasn’t really excited about shelling out $1000. I decided to get a cheap PC from Amazon and found an Asus X551MA for $250.

Since I have had a MBP for the past several years, I had never used Windows 8. I decided I would at least give it a try, which lasted just a few weeks. I grabbed an .iso of Linux Mint and put it on a bootable USB using Unetbootin so I could boot it up live and make sure the drivers worked. Then I ran into an unfamiliar obstacle UEFI which is the new style of BIOS. UEFI has a security feature that prevents you from booting from a USB or CD, this prevents someone from walking up to an unattended PC and booting from a live cd or usb and gaining access. There are a few steps in the recovery section of Windows 8 that allow you to turn this feature off. Once off, you need to go to the recovery section and locate the usb that you wish to boot from (it should already be plugged in at this point).

I then booted to my live Linux Mint usb and installed it on the machine, completely removing Windows from the drive. I am so much happier with Linux Mint on my new laptop and it only cost me $250! I did clone the drive before installing linux, in the event that I decide to pass it on to a family member who isn’t familiar with linux.

So, to sum things up, my relationship with Windows 8 was short lived. I think that Mint and I will have a lasting relationship.

Making memories is important

Dry Pond

  As I am sitting down to write this, I am 3 hours away from turning 40 years old. As I try to grasp the fact that 40 years have actually flown by already, I try to think of great memories that I have with my family. Although I know that we have made a […]

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Ever want to write a book?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.38.36 PM

A lot of people have had an idea for a story and even thought about possibly writing a book. The problem is, they don’t know where to start. Some people think that you need to write a great book that you could then present to a publisher. The truth is, anyone can write a book […]

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5 Things you didn’t know about auto insurance

Running a bodyshop that repairs an average of 180 cars per month can be a bit chaotic at times. Many times, my team and I find ourselves explaining some basic things that we feel should be well known about auto insurance and auto claims. I want to share with you some basics that are good […]

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New addition to the mini farm


My wife and kids found a donkey on Craigslist last week. So of course I agreed to go get it and add it to our mini farm. We drove an hour to get her, using our recently purchased horse trailer. She was not happy about getting in the trailer, but we finally got her in. […]

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Becoming a Ham Radio nerd


Last Saturday, my wife found a 40′ radio tower on Craigslist for $75. I took a ride with my 3 little kids to pick it up. It was a bit more of a load than I anticipated, but for such a great price, I knew I better get it all in one trip. I don’t […]

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Learning about Echolink

Back in March, I obtained my technician class amateur radio license. Since then, I moved and things have been very busy, so I just recently started getting back into ham radio. I had seen some things online about Echolink, so decided to learn a little more about it. I downloaded the echolink app, but before […]

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Nerd in the woods

A few months ago, my family purchased a 10 acre piece of property out in the woods. Prior to that, we had lived in town and on the beach for the past 8 years. There were many things we had to adapt to moving out here, being 30 miles from town meant planning our grocery […]

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Review: Linux Academy

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.39.17 PM

A few weeks ago, while listening to the Everyday Linux podcast, I heard them talking about a site called the Linux Academy.  I have always had a desire to learn more about linux and have been playing with different distributions for many years.  I never really got deep into it, I mostly just played with […]

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Ham Radio license test

I have been wanting to get my amateur radio license for about a year now. I find it interesting that there are so many people communicating all over the world. I did some studying and found that a test was being offered in Pensacola, FL on 3/8/2014. I decided to make the trip and hopefully […]

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