The City of Savannah

One of the most amazing cities in America!

Last Sunday, my wife and I hit the road for our 20 year anniversary trip. After several potential choices for our destination, we had settled on Savannah, GA.

We love to travel to St. Augustine, FL because of the amazing history of the city. We had heard that Savannah too had an amazing history and great sites. Upon arriving, we headed down to River St. which is lined with cobble stones from long ago. There are lots of places to eat and shop along the way and many large ships are continuously passing by on the river.

The following day, we ventured out to Forsyth Park which is a 30 acre park in the historic district. I took the above photo there, which happens to be my favorite photo of the entire trip. I highly recommend the trolley tours, which will provide you with a historic background of the city.

I love American history and was fascinated by just how much history there is in this city. I can't say enough about the city of Savannah and I plan to return with my children so they too can experience this amazing city.