Catapulting open source projects

Lets rally behind open source projects

Looking back at 2016, it's frustrating to see some really good open source projects lacking momentum. I began to wonder, what causes these projects to lose momentum? Is there a defined window of opportunity, in which they need to take off before the tech community deems them a failure? Is it possible that some really great projects simply lack the ability to get the word out or connect with backers?

It's a shame that talented people, with great projects, miss great opportunities. Why don't we, as a tech community, jump in more and offer our expertise to prop up these projects where they fall short? Wouldn't it be great if there existed such a thing, where large groups of technically savvy people, like you and I could bombard a particular project with support. It would be kind of like a flash mob of support for a worthwhile open source project. Maybe it could be that a particular project was chosen each month, and for the next 30 days, people across the globe could help out. This could include monetary contributions, code review, social media assistance, beta testing, etc.

What are your thoughts on something like this? How can we better help the open source community?