This Week I Learned

It's important to learn something new everyday

I really enjoy learning, especially when it comes to technology, science and history. I thought I would share a few things I learned this week.


Teleconsole - This is a really great tool that allows you to share your UNIX terminal in seconds. It just takes a few minutes to setup. Run the following code.

 curl | sh

Next, run teleconsole and you will se a URL in the terminal window. This URL can be shared with anyone and they will instantly have control of your terminal inside of a tab on their browser. Give it a try! - This easy to use tool allows you to securely share passwords, API keys, SSL certificates, etc. Secrets are encrypted with a one way cipher that they do not store the key for.


Theodore Roosevelt once gave a 90 minute speech after being shot.
On October 14, 1912, while in Milwaukee waiting to give a speech, an unemployed saloon keeper shot Roosevelt. The bullet was slowed by his 50 page speech and the steel eyeglass case he carried in his breast pocket. The bullet was lodged between his ribs, but hadn't damaged his lungs or heart. Although he had been shot, he insisted on giving his almost 90 minute speech, before going to the hospital.

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