Why I'm choosing security over convenience in 2018

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I am sick and tired of personal data theft


Security vs. Convenience

Often times, I hear people say, that they hate having a long and complex password because it takes too much time. They want a quick and easy password they can remember, to make logging in as convenient as possible. We must keep in mind that the more convenient for us, the more convenient for hackers also.

How I can do better

I am a security conscience person, but after recently walking through a "30 Security Challenge" created by Shannon Morse I realized that I can do more. Shannon is a great teacher and well respected hacker among those in the tech industry. Some of the videos were very basic, but still a good refresher of things to be mindful of. Many of the videos made me think of things I hadn't thought about in awhile.

I realized that I could do a better job of tightening some of my security on Facebook and Google. Both of these giant companies spend a ton of money and man power to get as much of our personal data as possible. You must ask yourself, why are they willing to put forth so much effort to get your data? And why is there product free?

I also realized that I needed to migrate to a better solution for cloud backup, such as SpiderOak. Storing all my data on Google and Dropbox leaves it vulnerable to snooping by employees of these companies. Encrypting files before storing on these products makes them much less vulnerable.

Going through all my Lastpass passwords and changing them to more secure 20 plus character passwords was something I had been putting off, but recently did. Also, using my Yibikeys and 2FA in all the accounts I have was something I was already doing but not as diligently as I could be.

I can ditch Facebook messenger and use Signal. Facebook is becoming more intrusive everyday and I just don't trust them.


I am tired of allowing my personal data to be harvested by these giant companies who turn around and sell it to the highest bidder.
I know there are areas of security where I can be more diligent and I am willing to give up a good deal of convenience in the new year to make improvements in those areas. One of my favorite resources for security related tools and products is PrivacyTools.io. If you have never heard of it, go ahead and bookmark it now.

If you have any security tools you would like to share, or you have a comment, please feel free to do so.