Researching Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind and Capacitors

Recently a friend asked me if I had heard much about using super capacitors as an energy source to start a car, etc. I had not, so I started looking at some people on Youtube who were far more educated than I was on the topic.

I found some cool experiments and it really peeked my interest. Especially this VIDEO Since I live in the woods on a 10 acre farm, alternative energy is something that I really have wanted to work on. I have some projects I want to start, the first is a small solar setup, just to get the basics going and I will scale up from there. Today I ordered a 100 watt Renogy panel and charge controller. I need to find some deep cycle or golf cart batteries locally to avoid shipping fees.

I also want to create a wind generator. I have some old spindles from a riding mower that have some really smooth bearings, so I need to find a way to use those.

I will be posting some photos as soon as some of my stuff comes in and I start setting it up.