The Value of Our Elders

Take Time to Listen and Learn

Recently I have been spending some time thinking about how advances in technology have changed our lives over the past 100 years. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and have since I was a kid. It just seems like we have left so much behind that we have learned from our grandparents and great-grandparents.

Have you ever just gone outside, somewhere in the woods or at a park and just been still? Just turned your phone off and taken in what is around you? Listen to the sounds of nature, how the birds sing, how the wind sounds as it blows through the trees. You must admit, it is truly amazing how everything in nature works together to exist.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents knew what it was like to work hard with their hands to provide for their families. They knew the importance of being prepared for hard times. In today's culture, we live day to day when it comes to food and resources. Most people never have more than a few days of food on hand. They don't know how to plant a garden or process animals to provide for their families if needed.

Sadly, as our older generations pass away, they are taking with them the ways of old. We as a generation are allowing the priceless knowledge of our elders to die with them. We should be learning all we can and passing that knowledge to our children and grandchildren. Many people would say that with all of this technology, we don't need to know the old ways anymore. I couldn't disagree more, we very well may need those old ways one day. Not to mention, working with the land is very rewarding.

Take some time to just walk in the woods and listen, absent of all technology. Listen and think about how all the things in nature work together, complimenting one another. This planet was created for us and reconnecting with nature is a way to energize yourself. Find an older person and offer to help them with some chores while they teach you valuable skills. Take time away from social media and reconnect with nature, I guarantee you will come away with a new appreciation.